In this course, you will learn to assemble and maintain telecommunication infrastructures in buildings, low voltage electrical installations, electric machines and automated systems, applying current regulations, quality protocols, safety and occupational risks, ensuring their functionality and respect for the environment.

The technicians in Electrical and Automatic Installations carry out their activity in small and medium enterprises, dedicated to the assembly and maintenance of telecommunications infrastructures in buildings, electric machines, automated systems, low voltage electrical installations and domotic systems. They can become self-employed or work for someone else.

Speciality: Electricity

Type of course: Intermediate-level

Duration: 2000 hours (2 academic years)

Language model: D (Basque) and A (Spanish)

Employment outcomes close to 100%

Job bank

Innovative methodology

Internationalisation grants

Dual System Alternance Training

Job opportunities

  • Installer/maintenance electrician

  • Construction electrician

  • Industrial electrician

  • Maintenance electrician

  • Home automation systems installer/maintainer

  • Antennas installer/maintainer

  • Telecommunications installer in residential buildings

  • Installer/maintainer of equipment and telephone installations

  • Assembly of photovoltaic solar energy installations

We use the High Performance Cycles (ETHAZI) learning model, which is organized around collaborative learning based on challenges.

It proposes a problematic situation that becomes a challenge and that -until the whole process reaches a result- is organized in the technical and specific competences of each cycle and in the transversal competences of strategic character at this moment such as: autonomy, teamwork, communication and digital competence.
The work process must allow students to live the situation as a challenge from which to generate the knowledge necessary to propose the best solutions.

The main characteristics of ETHAZI model are: intermodularity, evaluation of groups of self-managed teachers, adaptation of learning spaces for the development of competences.

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